Your Outlook Determines Your Outcome!

Picture the scene, it’s Monday Morning (-15C), and I’m off to work. I open the door and this is the scene that greets me!


07:00am Monday Morning

In life, there are few things that direct your OUTCOME, like your OUTLOOK. Take a look at the two photos. What is the first thing you would have thought? Remember it’s -15 (without the wind chill), when you see six inches of snow on your car? Well this what in fact what I saw. I opened my door 07:00am on a Monday morning. So, I ask again what do you see?

Scroll down!

Personally it made me smile! I see opportunity!!! I’m going skiing!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is this outlook that resulted in the outcome of me going skiing with my daughter a couple of days later. The smaller skis on the right are hers.



Feet up – Calgary winter style

I have the pleasure of teaching her how to ski! It is a memory that I will never forget. Seeing her conquer her fears and make the most of every day? What more can a father wish for?

So what lessons have we learned from this post?

Don’t focus on the problem! Look for the blessings (and opportunities)!!!

As always, I didn’t post this to its in a server somewhere. If some part of it resonates with you; take it and empower someone to do great things!!!


Your Goal and Your Timing……… Are both right?


So, here we are again. You are in pursuit of the thing you hold most dear. You think you have done everything right.

Written your goal——————————-CHECK

Set your deadline——————————CHECK

Asked for help (devine guidance) ———CHECK

Worked your plan——————————CHECK.

However despite the above, you don’t achieve the goal.


Is your goal wrong or is your clock in need of attention?

Think about the variables.


Work ethic.


If  your goal is important to you, RESET YOUR CLOCK AND GO AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!

Maybey your clock had stopped. change the battery and go again.

As always, I didn’t post this to sit on a server somewhere. If you agree with it, use/ forward it to empower someone

What Does That Thing You Want Look Like?

What are you looking for

A wise man without a map will get lost in any country. Where as a fool with a GPS will not!

Seems that more and more people are ‘looking for something…..’. Whether it be a new job, partner, opportunity or whatever. Then a question hit me : Do you know precisely, what this thing looks like”? If you do not know precisely, then how will you know when it is right in front of you?
Take a time as you go through your day to ponder this thought. The clarity that it will give you will act as a map. It will give you a clear destination. From that, you can decide which route you are going to take to get there.

Success is a journey; not a destination.

As always- if any part of this resonates with you please pass it on. Empower someone
To grow into the person they should be.

Thanks for taking the time to read this post.


A leap of FAITH


A leap of Faith

I have decided to write about this topic, as been thinking about it for a while.

Have toy eve asked a young chile to jump? The child will look at you an decide in a heart beat… OK! In that moment it’s settled. But what happened?

Step one “Jump, I’ve you”!

‘Hmm, they love me’.


J U M P!!


The above took less tham a second. If you notice, all the child will state to themself ‘ok, they love me’. Nothing else. No why! do you mean it? How long will it take? Are you strong enough?

As adults, find yourself a mentor. Someone that is looking out for you. Once you have this person, listen to them! Remember, they are looking out for you. So now, when they ask you to jump there is only one statement (, not question). ‘They have my best interests at heart. Then go for it!

‘Jump and grow your wings on the way down’ – Les Brown.

I’m not saying it will always be plain sailing. But ecen when it’s not….. Your mentor will pick you up, dust you off, and help you assess what went wrong. From this point, the two of you will set a plan to make it next time.

As always, I didn’ post this to sit on a hard drive. If you agree, please pass it on and empower someone else.



Say Thank You To A Harsh Teacher

Picture the scene……….

You are entering a clasroom to take on a new subject. Then from the front of the class, the teacher stares straight at you and screams FAIL!

With a heavy heart you go home, stunned. Your head is spinning. What? How? Why? All go through your mind. Later as the days pass, you review what happened. “What did I do wrong?” You ask.

Then it comes to you, a moment of clarity.  You learn what you did wrong.

With raw determination you re-enter the lecture hall. You stand there, both fists balled on your desk. You glare back and growl your new found wisdom. The rest of the class goes quiet. Stunned as you and the teacher; converse in this foreign language.

The teacher straightens, smiles and says………. PASS.

The name of the teacher is LIFE. 

Now re-read the story.

First you fail.

Then you review.

Next you learn.

Then you pass!!

As always, I didn’t post this to its in a server somewhere. If some part of it resonates with you; Take it and empower someone to do great things!!!

Bring Back The Cat in The Hat

As children, how many of us remember reading these books?  I know I did. However this week I read the following quote:

“You’re off to great places.

Today is your day!

Your mountain is waiting;

so be on your way!”

Dr. Suess

Now, for those who have read some of my previous posts, you’ll know I love to empower others. So with that in mind re-read the quote. From the lines I thought, that is so true. Go and attack that mountain that is in front of you! Somehow the simple rhymes seem to have different meanings now don’t they?

As any parent will testify, children watch and learn from us. Go dust off the Cat in The Hat books and read them again. This time with the emphasis of empowering the children to achieve what ever goal is in front of them.

Go after your dreams, your children are learning from you. What do you want them to learn?

A: Dreams are too hard. Just settle for what ever life hands you.


B: The only limits are those of my imagination. Let’s go!

You decide.

As always, If you like this post please share it. I didn’t put this out to sit in space somewere. It is to empower someone to do something amazing!




This is what succes looks like

This is what succes looks like

As we look back on the efforts of the Saddledome I would not be me if I didn’t take a moment to thank those who helped me get to where I am.

The man in the picture is Mr. Bob Andrews. He helped me to read a program (schedule in Canada). The picture is of him runnun a marathon. We are used to people telling us things can’t be done. Proove them wrong Bob.

Others that should be mentioned.are:
My brother Kevin, my family, Roger Norman, Alan Savage, Mile Batchelor, Gerry Dunne, colin Venn, Dave Cordrey. Nick Darling, Leroy HansonMike Ellis, John Merrideth and Ken Beckingham. If I ‘ve mised anyone, it was not intentional.

In life, take time to look where you’ve come. Or how will you know you’re going in the right direction?