The Code – Lead By Example

What values do you uphold?

We always hear people state what they want others to do. Anyone that knows me will tell you that I try to lead by example.

In 2011 I had the privilege of coaching a U18 football team (soccer for the Canadians). At the first training session, I set out my code of honour that I live by. I told the team (and the other coaches), This is what they will sign up to, if they were to play on the team. (Copy below) The outcome was that they out performed all their own expectations. I have no idea where the team finished at the end of the season. All I know is that if and when I see any of the team; (or the parents)we sHare a smile of triumph.

The season has to be one of the most fulfilling that I have been a part of. I live these values day in and day out.

The CODE that I posted was not lip service.  I walk my walk, do you?

I was listening to an inspirational speaker and that was a question he posed. Personally and professionally there are values that are your core values. When the stuff is flying around you, these are the things that will define a great leader.

By establishing the values we all knew:

  • What was expected.
  • What each person would do for the team.
  • What good behaviour looked like.

It was an amazing season! I’m not saying we won trophy after trophy. However what they’ll all agree is that they all grew individually and as a TEAM.

I live within the code and instill the concepts of it within those I meet. Share this with those around you and let me know how it works out.

Amigos Code of Honor



MOMOTD – The One Sided Affair

Hey Sports Fans,

Setting the scene, we have just watched the start of the opening ceremony and are excited to watch the Olympics in our home town.

The boys have not been having a good season. The last game was a 4-0 LOSS. Hence I didn’t write about it. The highlight of the match (for us) was that our keeper nearly scored!!!

Now for this game. The opposition only had EIGHT players, including the keeper. Therefore it was a very un-fair match up. That said, Rhys (for some reason known only to the coach and the man upstairs) is playing left back!  We had a host of subs, and a call up in his position!  I didn’t get it either. At the end of the first half, it was all square at 0-0! If I was the other coach I would have danced a jig!!! Those of you that know me know that I would have as well.

Second half.

The stamina of the  opposition came to be a big factor and the goals finally started. First a penalty and then a brace of goals. I won’t write about them because as I said it was not a fair match up. Teh opposition’s goal keeper had a great game and kept the score respectable.

Final score 7-0.

He’s now at training the following day (45mins early) working on his game! Back to basics.

See you later sports fans,

Let’s hope that the next game brings out the best in him.

As always, if I’ve forgotten anyone please pass this on.

See ya,


MOMOTD – Video Highlights

Number 24 Rhys Williams

Rhys Williams

Hi Sports Fans,

As I mentioned we’re on the move. Like the Arsenal, we needed a bigger venue to keep in contact with everyone. Below are the links to the videos that I have posted on Youtube of Rhys.

The theory is quite simple

Option 1

a)      Try and find a scout.

b)      Try and get him/her to the game.

c)      Hope the team play well.

d)      Hope he stands out!

Option 2

a)      Video the game.

b)     Send the links to all the Universities.

c)     Let the Coaches watch it in the comfort of their office.

I don’t know about you, I’d rather option 2. In this world you need to work smarter. If it were about working harder all parents would be rich!!!

For all these and future updates just type MOMOTD and they’ll come up.

We’d love your feed back as we continue with the drive to get Rhys scouted. As always, if you know someone who I have forgotten, please pass on the link.

See ya,

Ian Williams

MOMOTD – Rapids Battle in the Heat!

Well Sports Fans,

Sorry for being away so long, what can I say ‘Football’s a funny old game’. Well it’s a very hot late after noon.

Background, the team has been going through some transition, and are hanging in there.


  • Kick off, and after about 10 mins the opposition have a free kick. They shoot, however with a face full of sunshine the keeper mis-judged the flight of the ball 0-1 down.  Rhys is having a decent game on the right and has his opposite number in his pocket (british phrase). However the crosses he’s putting into the box, are going begging (being missed).
  • Reset  – They come again and within about 20 mins they score again. This is not looking good, 0-2 down and not even the end of ht half. The boys are not finishing their chances.
  • The boys even missed a penalty! Missing the goal as well.


  • Game on! – They substitute the first half striker and what a difference. He gets the ball played to him on the end of the box and smashes it. 2-1!!!!! Let’s go.
  • Reset – The ball gets played back to the opposition’s keeper. He can’t pick it up and Tofa (the striker) charges it down.  He stripped the ball from the keeper and smashes home his second 2-2!
  •  The other side are on the ropes and the boys can feel it. Their persistence is rewarded with another goal. That’s it, 3-2 up!
  • We get complacent and they nick one back and sneaked a goal  ……..3-3.
  • With grit and determination the boys kept at it. With under five minutes to play, Jake goes past three of four players on the edge of the box. He looks up and fires a ball just under the bar!!!!!!!

4-3 FINAL score. what a match.

As the sun goes down and the mozzies come out, I’m off home. catch you soon for further updates

See ya,