In Memory of Mr. Corbett

In Memory or Mr. Corbett.


NEXT STOP – London

Last month I posted that Simon Aboud came to Calgary. Every time he comes my business explodes!

He’s now coming to England on NOVEMBER, 18 2012 10:00am. He will share with you the excitement that I have. So I’m sending this out to everyone I know. Get there and see what the exitement is about! Imagine the idea of getting paid when someone turns on a light!!!!!!

Novotel London West,

One Shortlands,


W6 8DR London


I’d like you to go and see this once in a lifetime event as my guest.  Do not let this pass you by (as you did with the internet, cellphones).

If you want more information, my email address is:

What I Miss about Carnival!!!!!


I have always said that the thing I would miss most, (after family) when we left the UK was the London Carnival!!!!! For this reason I’m sending this post. I saw the clip below and loved the atmosphere. That got me thinking………. If I was on this party bus, who would I have on it with me? So I’m throwing this out to all that think they should be on the party bus with me. Comment and let me know!!!!! If there is anyone that you think should be partying on the bus with us then please let me and them know!

Norman Jay’s Good Time Road Show at it’s best. If you don’t know get to know!!! The clip is great!!!!!!!!!!!!/photo.php?v=10151390697369447

To Clazzy J and Uncle Trevor – RIP