Celebrate Your Wins

To All who have read this blog

You know how I love to help and mentor others? Well this week has been fantastic. The company I work with has decided to endorse the work that I have been doing. They are going to put up two scholarships per year (for the next three years) to SAIT!

Thank you to them for giving back to the mext generation.

In addition they are going to take some additional apprentices from the carpentry program. I will also get to meet the new students!


For me, it’s not about me succeeding. I know I will! But it’s more about helping up someone along side you. Now that is succeYou know how I love to help and mentor others? Well this week has been fantastic. The company I work with has decided to endorse the work that I have been doing. They are going to put up two scholarships per year (for the next three years) to SAIT!


In addition they are goig to take some additional apprentices from the carpentry program. I will also get to meet the new students!


For me, it’s not about me succeeding. I know I will! But it’s more about helping up someone along side you. Now that is success!ss!

As always, I didn’t write this for it to sit on a hard drive somewhere. Go empower someone else!


Motivation Lesson From My Daughter

From the mouth of babes you get innocence. The world from their perspective can give you some great wisdom. On this day I learned a great lesson. Read on………..


I live in Canada and moved here because of my love for skiing.  My boys are snowboarders; therefore my last hope for a skiing buddy is my daughter (fingers crossed).  She has had one previous lesson but I watched her ski.


The Lesson

It was a lovely day; warm with blue skies and not a cloud to worry about. I took here for a skiing lesson and said I would ski with her. This is the first time I’d skied with her. The day was fantastic. She was  going down the hill in snow plough (pizza for the Canadians), loving every minute. We end the lesson and ski the rest of the day. I’m behind making sure she’s ok. The last thing I wanted was to find out when I’m at the bottom of the run, that she didn’t make it.


The way home

I thought I’d give her some encouragement and motivation, so I said You know what? You’re the second best skier in the family.

Her reply was priceless: “What’s with the second best. I’m better than you”

Stunned I said: “Is that right”?

Without missing a beat: “Well I beat you down the hill every time”.


The lesson learned (by me).

I’ve been making sure she makes it down the hill safely. Where in her mind, she was racing!



So the lesson I learned was this: When you are going to try and motivate someone, take a minute to find out where their mind is first!

As normal, I didn’t post this for it to sit in a server somewhere. Use it to motivate and empower someone else. Share/ comment as you feel. I look forward to them.





Who Do You Hang With?

Who Do You Hang With? What a Crowd

Whilst listening to a video on motivation, the speaker posed the question ‘who do you hang with’? It got me thinking, as in life there are two types of people we have around us.

  1. The friend that means well but holds us back.
  2. The friend that also means well and holds us accountable.

Don’t get me wrong, the advice that the second on gives you may be hard to take, but they want your success.

When you ask the same question in a business setting the answers change. I have always been asked to recommend trades people, companies and the like. Now in this context, you are being asked to recommend people who have your workmanship, business ethics and code of honour.

With the second context in mind, a business man said ‘Remember to surround yourself with people whose tongue in their head, matches the one in their shoes’. Basically if they talk the talk, they should also walk the walk!

I have the god fortune to work with people who have done everything that they have said they would do. Earlier this month I was in LA for three days. With people who share a common goal not a common past. 20,000 business owners in one conference. I have a goal to help as many people as I can realise and achieve their hopes and dreams.

If you want to know more about the clip please let me know. It’s more important that you find out for yourself.

Thank you for reading this post. As always, if you agree with it then please share.

Be the best part of someone’s day!

Are You In Control Of Your Thoughts?


This quote is not being read by you. This may sound odd, however it is being read by everyone that you have come into contact with.

To prove this point complete the following sentence:

Knowledge is…………. (scroll down to the answer at the end of the post and I’ll prove my point).

So if you are reading this, you will have completed the little experiment and would like to know more. In our every day life, we do things that are ‘automatic’. These are things, whose origin are unknown. Picture the scene:

A couple are preparing Sunday dinner and the husband looks at his wife as she is cutting the ends of the Sunday roast. Quizzically he asks ‘

H – “Why are you cutting the ends of’?

W – ‘ I don’t know. My mum tought me to cook and that’s what she did. Why don’t you ask her’.

H – (on the phone) – Your daughter is cooking a roast, but she cut the ends off. When we were discussing it, she said you taught her to cook but didn’t know why. Why do you cut the ends off the roast?

Mum – (After thinking for a while) – I’m not sure. My Mum taught me and that’s what she showed me. Call her and ask.

So the husband calls Grandma as this was now really intriguing him.  The same conversation as with the Mum took place and he asked the same question.

H – (On the phone to Grandma)  So Why do you cut the ends off the roast?

Grandma – Oh that’s easy, I only had a small pot!!

So for two generations, this innocent task has been passed down to others without even realising it.

Now look around you. Things that you do, say and even how you think. These are things that have been passed down through generations.

So if there is something in your situation that you would like to change. Be the change. This may be hard at first, as this may involve moving outside your comfort zone.

What to do now?

If any part of this post resonates with you please pass it on to others. Smile with them as they do the test and then the self-reflection.

Now act!!! IF there is something around you that you would like to change go for it. If I can help with this let me know. I may not know the answers, But I’ll help you look!  empower someone today to change their situation, and therefore their future!!!

Time is precious, thank you for taking yours to read this post. Remember, if you are working with people, we all have a long history. Take the time to work with each other’s perceptions.

Answer  to the question

If you had said ‘Knowledge is power’, you would be incorrect. Knowledge is potential power. If it was power, then Librarians would run the country! This proves that what you had been told is what shaped your answer. If you now go back I’ll give an example as to how your actions are not your own.

In Memory of Mr. Corbett

 In Memory of Mr. Corbett

This post is to give an incite into why I do what I do. Am I any good at it? Well that’s another matter. Please read on.

After coaching a boys football practice, my son asked me – “How comes you always connect with the problem children?” Well the title of this post is the clue to the answer.

At school in South London, there was an amazing teacher. His name was Mr. Corbett. He was the one teacher, that when a child had ‘learning difficulties’, they would be sent to him. Let me elaborate – Some of the children he helped were terrors to the rest of the teaching staff. Now most schools have a similar individual; however he was different. He had a way of connecting with the children and bringing the best out of them.

I was never taught by him; however he would also give up his time after school to train those that wanted it. It was in his training sessions that I learned a number of life lessons.

So I am writing this post to take my hat off to his memory. I will continue to help as many people as possible realize and achieve their hopes and dreams (; even if they don’t believe in themselves).

As I read back through this post it doesn’t do justice to the man, however the printed works have never been where I have found my calling. I know he has a first name, but to me….He’ll always be Mr. Corbett!!

Please share this post with anyone that went to school and can identify with a special person.

The Code – Lead By Example

What values do you uphold?

We always hear people state what they want others to do. Anyone that knows me will tell you that I try to lead by example.

In 2011 I had the privilege of coaching a U18 football team (soccer for the Canadians). At the first training session, I set out my code of honour that I live by. I told the team (and the other coaches), This is what they will sign up to, if they were to play on the team. (Copy below) The outcome was that they out performed all their own expectations. I have no idea where the team finished at the end of the season. All I know is that if and when I see any of the team; (or the parents)we sHare a smile of triumph.

The season has to be one of the most fulfilling that I have been a part of. I live these values day in and day out.

The CODE that I posted was not lip service.  I walk my walk, do you?

I was listening to an inspirational speaker and that was a question he posed. Personally and professionally there are values that are your core values. When the stuff is flying around you, these are the things that will define a great leader.

By establishing the values we all knew:

  • What was expected.
  • What each person would do for the team.
  • What good behaviour looked like.

It was an amazing season! I’m not saying we won trophy after trophy. However what they’ll all agree is that they all grew individually and as a TEAM.

I live within the code and instill the concepts of it within those I meet. Share this with those around you and let me know how it works out.

Amigos Code of Honor

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