This weekend I was in Las Vegas. I know, right, me the guy that doesn’t gamble. I was one of two guys who were the surprise for a good friend’s 50th Birthday. That was amazing but only the first part of the story.

Picture the scene, we’re in a limo and I here a beep…………..beep………….beep. I ask the rest of the people around me but they laugh that it’s the alcohol talking (I don’t really drink either. Don’t ask).  as the ride goes on I hear it again……beep. I look around and find a brand new iPhone 5S. I tap on the glass and hand it to the driver. We talk and we realise that it must be from the previous guests. I leave him my phone number and tell him to get it back the them and hand them my card.

For those of you that are wondering why I left my card, read my blog ‘Only in Calgary’. I lost my phone and had it returned to me. But I never really got to say thank you to the guy that found it. So by leaving my phone number, the owner could contact me if they were so inclined.

Two days went by and I had forgotten all about. I fly home and just as I arrive home the phone rings. What happens next was one of the nicest phone calls I have had in a long time. The man at the other end was very emotional. As we agreed, it’s not about the phone. There are memories that he could not replace.

We left the call agreeing that we would both continue to ‘pay it forward’.

Go out there and be the best part of someone’s day! It feels great!!!!!


As always, I didn’t post this to just sit on a server somewhere. If you like it, go empower someone.



Listen to Those You Serve – How to order an iPhone in the UK

How to order an iPhone in the UK


I have  received feedback from a number of people who which made me think. One was from my son, who commented that he prefers to think slightly differently. preferring images rather than the step 1,Step 2,….. and so on. Therefore I have produced a number of short tutorials to help people navigate my website.


Before you start with the barrage of emails, these are not Hollywood. Just a way of helping people.

Although this tutorial is for iPhones, the steps are the same for any phone on the market. If you’re not in the UK, just pick your flag and continue.

You will be asked for your name and email address. This is for my records, not to be placed on a database for junk mail!

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog. Please share this post with others.

Ian Williams

What’s coming Next?

If you thinking that the launch of the iPhone 5  was big, think to yourself, what’s next………?

I can’t say too mych now, but there is something huge coming this weekend which is going to be even bigger!!!!!

All I can say are two words – Simon Aboud!!!

Keep following this blog and I’ll post as soon as I’m allowed to tell you.

In the mean time can you send me questions that you have been thinking over and over. I’ll be posting videos answering the top 10 questions that I get asked.

What Did You Do With What You Had?

Click HERE to watch the video (for those in a hurry)!!!


Lived looking forward;

Enjoyed in the moment;

but understood looking back!

I wanted to ask  a couple of questions. The answers were for you alone, as it’s always up to you.

  1. In 2011 I went to the UK twice to help people see that there is more out there. What did you do?
  2. I posted a piece entitled ‘Back to the Future/. This was all about if you were given a key to things to come. What did you do with it?
  3. On September 16th I posted on Facebook that I was taking pre-orders of iPhone 5’s. What did you do with this information?

On September 21st Apple launched the iPhone 5 in the UK.

Did you answer – NOTHING to the three questions above?

What ever you are not happy with (money, health family etc), what have you done this month to change it? If you want to get fitter, but haven’t joined a Gym……… NOTHING WILL CHANGE.

If examined closely Nothing  (from your answers) will change if opportunity is placed in front of someone else.

Through our life we meet people who swear that Life is hard. That they had been dis-advantaged. These are the people who if they are being honest with themselves had missed opportunities that were placed before them.

Thank you for reading this post. I will continue to travel and help people change their own future.. If you do not hear from me when I’m there, it may because of the answers above.

Follow this blog or contact me through my website. The future is not set (only if you do not change today).

feel free to contact me from my website below.

Ian Williams

What did you do this weekend?

As I sit here typing this message I pose the question to myself as well as putting it out there.

This weekend I started taking pre-orders of iPhone 5’s in the UK!  For me it was a great weekend. It’s not often that an individual gets a chance to market Apple products BEFORE they hit the streets!!!!!

If you want to know more please visit my site:

From there just follow these steps

  1. click on the UK flag at the bottom of the screen.
  2. Choose MOBILE PARTNERSHIPS. Remember my ID as you’ll be asked for it later.
  3. Click Pre-order now.

Choose your phone and that’s it! the phone will be shipped to your home as soon as they are released. NO need to camp out over night.

Have a great week and remember there are opportunities everywhere. If you want to know how to start your own business let me know.