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Have You Got Your Speach Ready?

Imagine this,

You have finally achieved your goal. This should not be a stretch of the imagination, as it’s a given that you can do it. All the same humour me. So, there you are on stage in front of hundreds of people, accepting your award. As you step up too say a few words, you look over the crowd. Then you see that it is filled with a couple of people you know. No that’s not quite true, The crowd has ALL the people you know. What to say???? And you think to yourself there are two types of people. Each will have a conversation with themselves.

Type A: “I helped him/ her along their way”.

Type B: “I knew deep down that they would make it”.

The thing is that you stop and think. Both types of people were critical in helping you get to where you are now. Those that offered what appeared as no help, were critical in making you stronger, more determined, more resilient.

You clear your throat and say “THANK YOU EVERYONE!” And you mean it. You realize that you need them all equally.

So take a moment, on your journey to say a thank you to everyone you meet. As they have brought you to this point. Remember, you are more powerful than you could ever imagine.

As always, I didn’t post this to sit on a server somewhere. If you agree with it, use/ forward it to empower someone.

What Does That Thing You Want Look Like?

What are you looking for

A wise man without a map will get lost in any country. Where as a fool with a GPS will not!

Seems that more and more people are ‘looking for something…..’. Whether it be a new job, partner, opportunity or whatever. Then a question hit me : Do you know precisely, what this thing looks like”? If you do not know precisely, then how will you know when it is right in front of you?
Take a time as you go through your day to ponder this thought. The clarity that it will give you will act as a map. It will give you a clear destination. From that, you can decide which route you are going to take to get there.

Success is a journey; not a destination.

As always- if any part of this resonates with you please pass it on. Empower someone
To grow into the person they should be.

Thanks for taking the time to read this post.


Dig Your Well Before You’re Thirsty


I have the honor of your attention for a few minutes. Thank you.  What does that mean to you?

  •  What if you’re an athlete? It could mean ‘work on your stamina, before you are thrown into the big race.
  • To a student – Study hard before a test.

For me, I’m taking a course to help me motivate thousands of people. Do I have thousands of people waiting to hear me? Am I ready to lead them? Maybe not. But this is preparation for the crowd that’s coming.

The pen in the picture was presented to me for a two-minute speak I gave. I am in training to help mentor the crowd that’s coming. You know what’s coming; what you’d like to do. Don’t leave it until it’s too late to start. Get your shovel and get busy! I never take for granted that you have read this far. Smile as I am whilst writing this. You have a goal that you NEED to achieve! Get busy; get it done before you need it.

When your opportunity comes, make sure you are ready.  As always, I didn’t post this to sit on a server somewhere. Go take it and inspire someone!



Who Do You Hang With?

Who Do You Hang With? What a Crowd

Whilst listening to a video on motivation, the speaker posed the question ‘who do you hang with’? It got me thinking, as in life there are two types of people we have around us.

  1. The friend that means well but holds us back.
  2. The friend that also means well and holds us accountable.

Don’t get me wrong, the advice that the second on gives you may be hard to take, but they want your success.

When you ask the same question in a business setting the answers change. I have always been asked to recommend trades people, companies and the like. Now in this context, you are being asked to recommend people who have your workmanship, business ethics and code of honour.

With the second context in mind, a business man said ‘Remember to surround yourself with people whose tongue in their head, matches the one in their shoes’. Basically if they talk the talk, they should also walk the walk!

I have the god fortune to work with people who have done everything that they have said they would do. Earlier this month I was in LA for three days. With people who share a common goal not a common past. 20,000 business owners in one conference. I have a goal to help as many people as I can realise and achieve their hopes and dreams.

If you want to know more about the clip please let me know. It’s more important that you find out for yourself.

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Be the best part of someone’s day!

Money for Old Rope

Money for old rope!
This is a British Phrase meaning something along the lines of getting paid for very little effort.

If you’re not an investor, don’t panic, this applies to you too. You could be getting paid to check Facebook.

Now that’s a strange way to speak to investors; but let’s try all the same. As Real Estate investors you analyse a deal to see how much money is on the table. If I told you that you were throwing money away, you would kick yourself. It is literally Money for old Rope. There is a way that you can increase the monthly income. But it will mean you reading on.

There is an opportunity that will allow you to get paid for the services you are already using.

Yes you read correctly.

‘So what do I need to do?’ I hear you ask. Simply ACT! Send me an email with the country you are in. I will send you the information that will answer your question.

That’s it, from there, you make up your own mind.

Simply put:
If you change nothing; then nothing changes. But, if you change one thing…….

Thank you for taking the time to read this message

If you want to know more, drop me an email to: and I’ll send you the info (FREE OF CHARGE), that will provide further information.

The Business of Business, is PEOPLE


For all the new business owners and want-to-be business owners there is a very important lesson that will unfold with this post.

Remember – The business of business, is people. No matter if it’s Construction, Management, Real Estate, Network Marketing or anything else.

This week whilst working in Canada, I received a message from a colleague. He informed me that a project in South London where we had worked had won an award. The award was for a scheme called the Considerate Contractors Scheme’.

Part of the project listed above was a drive to help with the high level of unemployment in the area. I pushed home with all contractors that they had to take on board local labour. Now this is nothing new. Another part that I found fulfilling was a number of workshops that I ran on the Housing Estate. Now, Most of the men (and women), had been long-term unemployed. The thing I liked was the way that just offering advice would allow some that wanted to better themselves a chance to do so.

I had always enjoyed helping those that wanted it. The rewards stick with you for ever. One such example was on a dark night whilst leaving the project Picture the scene:

Cold and damp inner city street. I’m leaving to go to my car. (I know, not quite Hollywood, but stick with me). A car speeds past me and slams on his brakes as I cross the road.

In my head I think ‘this could be bad’. Then I hear the horn blow and the car reverses up the street. I put the laptop in the car and watch the car approach. As it’s dark all I see are head lights….
(Dramatic stuff eh?). Then I hear: “Mr. Williams!”.

I think – ‘OK, he knows my name’.

What happens next will stick with me for ever. A man jumps out of a car in construction work clothes, with a grin from ear to ear. It was one of the men from the workshop. He shakes my hand furiously, and says ‘I GOT A JOB!!!!! I did what you said and I got a job! I’ve been working for about a month now!’

So now that I’m away and someone else accepted the award. However, the incident above will stay with me long after the trophy has tarnished.


As I said in the title – The business of business, is PEOPLE.

I help people every day. I show them how they can set a goal, and make it happen. If you would like to know more, please contact me and let me know.


As always, If you like this post please share it. I didn’t put this out to sit in space somewere. It is to empower someone to do something amazing!