Impact Others

This is bigger than the Internet



Stick with me. What have you done to impact the lives of millions? Now that may be a huge question. I work with people that are doing just that.  Now let me enlighten you as to how.

When you call your utility provider, tell them that you would like to negotiate a better rate/ bill. If they don’t laugh at you it’s because there is competition in the market place, agreed? If they control the market, they control the price and you are forced to pay it.

They may say something like ‘you are a loyal customer’. Or that you qualify for a special promotion’.  The truth is that there is competition, thus giving you the power. It is with the company that this gentleman founded, that has allowed you, to be able to have the power you take as ‘normal’.


It is for this reason I am proud to stand with him. To give options to the public.  If you want to stand with us and give others options, message me. It dosEn”t matter where you are?

The reason I stated that this is bigger than the internet, is this. With the internet ( the service not the information), a few people made a lot of money. With the deregulation of energy……… EVERYBODY CAN MAKE MONEY!

As always, I didn’t post this so it could sit on a server somewhere. If some part of it touched you, please pass it on. If it didn’t, please let me know.


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