Say Thank You To A Harsh Teacher

As the season of resolutions approaches, what did you go NOT quite acheive? I bet you know why as well. Re-read this post and go get the thing that you were after!!!!


1: Review your goals. You know what you didn’t achieve and WHY.

2: Go for it AGAIN. This time correct the WHY’s from above.

3: Share this blog with others so they to can smash their goals!!!!!!!!!!!1

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Picture the scene……….

You are entering a clasroom to take on a new subject. Then from the front of the class, the teacher stares straight at you and screams FAIL!

With a heavy heart you go home, stunned. Your head is spinning. What? How? Why? All go through your mind. Later as the days pass, you review what happened. “What did I do wrong?” You ask.

Then it comes to you, a moment of clarity.  You learn what you did wrong.

With raw determination you re-enter the lecture hall. You stand there, both fists balled on your desk. You glare back and growl your new found wisdom. The rest of the class goes quiet. Stunned as you and the teacher; converse in this foreign language.

The teacher straightens, smiles and says………. PASS.

The name of the teacher is LIFE. 

Now re-read the story.

First you fail.

Then you review.


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Look Around – You May Be Surrounded By Heroes.

After reading this post look around you. Appreciate the special people around you.

When you look around you, there are heroes in your life. I have the pleasure of working with one such individual. As a young foreman, he took me under his wing. Over the fifteen or so years working with the man, I discovered that management could; and should be fun. We used to look forward to going to work.

A further example of what a hero is, will be described in this example. Imagine how you would feel if your partner came home from the pub, with a ‘new friend’. The friend was down on their luck and struck in the following trap. You can’t get a job, if you don’t have an address. You can’t get a home, if you don’t have a job.

Over the next few months, he helped get this person a job at our company and worked with the individual to find an apartment.

We all like to think we would be able to help another person who needs it. But who can honestly say that they would actually DO it?

The man that I’m speaking of has just lost a battle that he was fighting after having a heart attack over 14 years ago. I for one am indebted to him for the time that he took with me. He taught me things that you will never find in print. i.e. how to spot a person that will be key to the success of a project in a crowd!

R.I.P. Gerry Dunne

I now try to help as many people as I can achieve their dreams. I don’t know all the answers; but I’ll help you look!

As normal, didn’t post this to sit on a server. If you agree, please share and empower someone.

As always, this post was not written to sit on a hard drive somewhere.