Happy Birthday Clazzy J

Clazzy J

(Pictured on the RIGHT)

This is a little happy message to those who knew him.

Clazzy J Today (September 7th), would have been his birthday. He was a great friend and also an amazing DJ. For years after, if I walked down Acre Lane (South London), or other parts of London, I’d be prepared for him to come bursting out of a shop with endless amounts of energy… Energy for life.

So if you’re reading this remember to say a toast to those hat have fallen asleep. But smile as I do if you weep, you didn’t know him!

R.I.P. Clazzy J (John Edwards). Gone but never forgotten. Happy Birthday mate


If you have lost someone and still hold their memory close, never put off something and say’I’ll do it tomorrow’. They never got today so you owe it to their memory not to waste it!


As always, I didn’t write this for it to sit on a server somewhere. If any part of it resonates with you please pass it on and empower someone else.