This weekend I was in Las Vegas. I know, right, me the guy that doesn’t gamble. I was one of two guys who were the surprise for a good friend’s 50th Birthday. That was amazing but only the first part of the story.

Picture the scene, we’re in a limo and I here a beep…………..beep………….beep. I ask the rest of the people around me but they laugh that it’s the alcohol talking (I don’t really drink either. Don’t ask).  as the ride goes on I hear it again……beep. I look around and find a brand new iPhone 5S. I tap on the glass and hand it to the driver. We talk and we realise that it must be from the previous guests. I leave him my phone number and tell him to get it back the them and hand them my card.

For those of you that are wondering why I left my card, read my blog ‘Only in Calgary’. I lost my phone and had it returned to me. But I never really got to say thank you to the guy that found it. So by leaving my phone number, the owner could contact me if they were so inclined.

Two days went by and I had forgotten all about. I fly home and just as I arrive home the phone rings. What happens next was one of the nicest phone calls I have had in a long time. The man at the other end was very emotional. As we agreed, it’s not about the phone. There are memories that he could not replace.

We left the call agreeing that we would both continue to ‘pay it forward’.

Go out there and be the best part of someone’s day! It feels great!!!!!


As always, I didn’t post this to just sit on a server somewhere. If you like it, go empower someone.




Dig Your Well Before You’re Thirsty


I have the honor of your attention for a few minutes. Thank you.  What does that mean to you?

  •  What if you’re an athlete? It could mean ‘work on your stamina, before you are thrown into the big race.
  • To a student – Study hard before a test.

For me, I’m taking a course to help me motivate thousands of people. Do I have thousands of people waiting to hear me? Am I ready to lead them? Maybe not. But this is preparation for the crowd that’s coming.

The pen in the picture was presented to me for a two-minute speak I gave. I am in training to help mentor the crowd that’s coming. You know what’s coming; what you’d like to do. Don’t leave it until it’s too late to start. Get your shovel and get busy! I never take for granted that you have read this far. Smile as I am whilst writing this. You have a goal that you NEED to achieve! Get busy; get it done before you need it.

When your opportunity comes, make sure you are ready.  As always, I didn’t post this to sit on a server somewhere. Go take it and inspire someone!