A leap of FAITH


A leap of Faith

I have decided to write about this topic, as been thinking about it for a while.

Have toy eve asked a young chile to jump? The child will look at you an decide in a heart beat… OK! In that moment it’s settled. But what happened?

Step one “Jump, I’ve you”!

‘Hmm, they love me’.


J U M P!!


The above took less tham a second. If you notice, all the child will state to themself ‘ok, they love me’. Nothing else. No why! do you mean it? How long will it take? Are you strong enough?

As adults, find yourself a mentor. Someone that is looking out for you. Once you have this person, listen to them! Remember, they are looking out for you. So now, when they ask you to jump there is only one statement (, not question). ‘They have my best interests at heart. Then go for it!

‘Jump and grow your wings on the way down’ – Les Brown.

I’m not saying it will always be plain sailing. But ecen when it’s not….. Your mentor will pick you up, dust you off, and help you assess what went wrong. From this point, the two of you will set a plan to make it next time.

As always, I didn’ post this to sit on a hard drive. If you agree, please pass it on and empower someone else.





Who is your biggest fan?

I was pondering this question for a while looking around my team. Sometimes your biggest suporter can be right under your nose (literally). Then it hit me. My biggest cfan is my Daughter. Through other posts, you have read that as I’m growing, she’s there with me.


An example of the above, was in the way she introduced me to a friend – “…and this is my Dad. He’s an expert at fixing things”.

So look around. Who is your biggest fan? Make the time to thank them. Then make sure you keep going. Remember they are watching and learning from you.


As always, if you like this post, please share it. I didn’t post this message to sit on a hard drive somewhere. It was to empower someone to do somethimg great.