Say Thank You To A Harsh Teacher

Picture the scene……….

You are entering a clasroom to take on a new subject. Then from the front of the class, the teacher stares straight at you and screams FAIL!

With a heavy heart you go home, stunned. Your head is spinning. What? How? Why? All go through your mind. Later as the days pass, you review what happened. “What did I do wrong?” You ask.

Then it comes to you, a moment of clarity.  You learn what you did wrong.

With raw determination you re-enter the lecture hall. You stand there, both fists balled on your desk. You glare back and growl your new found wisdom. The rest of the class goes quiet. Stunned as you and the teacher; converse in this foreign language.

The teacher straightens, smiles and says………. PASS.

The name of the teacher is LIFE. 

Now re-read the story.

First you fail.

Then you review.

Next you learn.

Then you pass!!

As always, I didn’t post this to its in a server somewhere. If some part of it resonates with you; Take it and empower someone to do great things!!!


Building Self Confidence through being Uncomfortable

Really like this post. The messages and quote really hit home with me. Take a read.

Attila Ovari

“I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear.” – Nelson Mandela

Over the last fortnight I have participated in a number of activities that I was not fully looking forward to. The first was the adventurous training in the Blue Mountains and the second was the parade last weekend. Though I do not have anything in particular against each of these activities, they both challenged me in a different ways.

The adventurous training in the Blue Mountains challenged my fitness levels, but more importantly challenged my fear of heights. On the Friday morning as we sat at the lookout before the big abseil I wanted to do anything but think about the drop I was about to go over. Waiting can sometimes be the worst part…

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Motivation Lesson From My Daughter

From the mouth of babes you get innocence. The world from their perspective can give you some great wisdom. On this day I learned a great lesson. Read on………..


I live in Canada and moved here because of my love for skiing.  My boys are snowboarders; therefore my last hope for a skiing buddy is my daughter (fingers crossed).  She has had one previous lesson but I watched her ski.


The Lesson

It was a lovely day; warm with blue skies and not a cloud to worry about. I took here for a skiing lesson and said I would ski with her. This is the first time I’d skied with her. The day was fantastic. She was  going down the hill in snow plough (pizza for the Canadians), loving every minute. We end the lesson and ski the rest of the day. I’m behind making sure she’s ok. The last thing I wanted was to find out when I’m at the bottom of the run, that she didn’t make it.


The way home

I thought I’d give her some encouragement and motivation, so I said You know what? You’re the second best skier in the family.

Her reply was priceless: “What’s with the second best. I’m better than you”

Stunned I said: “Is that right”?

Without missing a beat: “Well I beat you down the hill every time”.


The lesson learned (by me).

I’ve been making sure she makes it down the hill safely. Where in her mind, she was racing!



So the lesson I learned was this: When you are going to try and motivate someone, take a minute to find out where their mind is first!

As normal, I didn’t post this for it to sit in a server somewhere. Use it to motivate and empower someone else. Share/ comment as you feel. I look forward to them.