Bring Back The Cat in The Hat

As children, how many of us remember reading these books?  I know I did. However this week I read the following quote:

“You’re off to great places.

Today is your day!

Your mountain is waiting;

so be on your way!”

Dr. Suess

Now, for those who have read some of my previous posts, you’ll know I love to empower others. So with that in mind re-read the quote. From the lines I thought, that is so true. Go and attack that mountain that is in front of you! Somehow the simple rhymes seem to have different meanings now don’t they?

As any parent will testify, children watch and learn from us. Go dust off the Cat in The Hat books and read them again. This time with the emphasis of empowering the children to achieve what ever goal is in front of them.

Go after your dreams, your children are learning from you. What do you want them to learn?

A: Dreams are too hard. Just settle for what ever life hands you.


B: The only limits are those of my imagination. Let’s go!

You decide.

As always, If you like this post please share it. I didn’t put this out to sit in space somewere. It is to empower someone to do something amazing!