This is what succes looks like

This is what succes looks like

As we look back on the efforts of the Saddledome I would not be me if I didn’t take a moment to thank those who helped me get to where I am.

The man in the picture is Mr. Bob Andrews. He helped me to read a program (schedule in Canada). The picture is of him runnun a marathon. We are used to people telling us things can’t be done. Proove them wrong Bob.

Others that should be mentioned.are:
My brother Kevin, my family, Roger Norman, Alan Savage, Mile Batchelor, Gerry Dunne, colin Venn, Dave Cordrey. Nick Darling, Leroy HansonMike Ellis, John Merrideth and Ken Beckingham. If I ‘ve mised anyone, it was not intentional.

In life, take time to look where you’ve come. Or how will you know you’re going in the right direction?