What does an Entrepreneur look like?

Entrepreneur Up close

When you think about Jackie Chan films what do you see? Recently I have realized that his characters hold a lot of the lessons that entrepreneurs need to survive.

Each of the characters have a Kung fu master- in this analogy, this would be your mentor. The person that is where you want to be. Note the student picks the mentor. (Not the other way round).

Coach ability
Through the learning process the student is asked to train in methods that feel unusual. In these films the student does as the master instructs. Note – This is after trying to short cut the process.

Initial test
In the initial test, the new entrepreneur may fail. Luckily this is not as painful (physically) as in the films.

Experience is not the best teacher
It’s normally at this point that you get the ‘flash back’ of the failure. This needs to be UNDERSTOOD. Evaluated experience is the best teacher – John C Maxwell.

Final test
In the final test the new Entrepreneur faces his/her biggest challenge. This they overcome. This is a triumphant moment! Standing there in the aftermath of the battle; knowing they have won.

But wait…….(dramatic pause). There is a final lesson that needs to be understood.

From time to time, remember to look back at how far you have come. If not, you’ll not know if you are on track.

Success is a journey; not a destination.

As always- if any part of this resonates with you please pass it on. Empower someone
To grow into the person they should be.

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