Only in Calgary – There are good people out there!

Only in Calgary –

There are good people out there!

OK People in Cyber world, I’m sitting here stranded and though I would drop another post. There are people who know my life and will smile at this as they have been there as things have unfolded. Things get very funny all by themself.

Today I met a man who handed me my phone. He found it in a snow bank the day before. As if that wasn’t crazy enough, he took it home, charged it and waited for someone to call!!!!!

So on his way home he calls me back and drops off the aforementioned article!!Living proof that there are great people in the world.

Mark – If you’re reading this, you’re a diamond!!!

So as if that is not crazy enough, I’ve now left the office to go home. (Calgary -20C), and the car won’t start!!! Hahahahahahahaha I tell you, you’ve got to laugh. You could not write this stuff. People have said I should write a book about the madness that happens around me. However it would never sell as it would be in the Non-Fiction section.

So today’s lesson – There are good people out there. Hero’s in our midst! Do good and it will come back to you!!!

So until the book comes out, enjoy the tales of madness!


In Memory of Mr. Corbett

 In Memory of Mr. Corbett

This post is to give an incite into why I do what I do. Am I any good at it? Well that’s another matter. Please read on.

After coaching a boys football practice, my son asked me – “How comes you always connect with the problem children?” Well the title of this post is the clue to the answer.

At school in South London, there was an amazing teacher. His name was Mr. Corbett. He was the one teacher, that when a child had ‘learning difficulties’, they would be sent to him. Let me elaborate – Some of the children he helped were terrors to the rest of the teaching staff. Now most schools have a similar individual; however he was different. He had a way of connecting with the children and bringing the best out of them.

I was never taught by him; however he would also give up his time after school to train those that wanted it. It was in his training sessions that I learned a number of life lessons.

So I am writing this post to take my hat off to his memory. I will continue to help as many people as possible realize and achieve their hopes and dreams (; even if they don’t believe in themselves).

As I read back through this post it doesn’t do justice to the man, however the printed works have never been where I have found my calling. I know he has a first name, but to me….He’ll always be Mr. Corbett!!

Please share this post with anyone that went to school and can identify with a special person.