Trail blazers! Get used to feeling like Sarah Connor!

 Get used to feeling like

Sarah Connor.





Business Owners, Entrepeneurs and Trend Setters

For those of us that are a little older (not old, just older), we may remember the film Terminator 2. Ok ! Now who remembers the scene with Sarah Connor with her hands on the playground fence? That scene has stuck with me for years!

For those of you that don’t know the scene, let me re-cap.

Sarah Connor, has had a glimpse of something huge (one future). And she’s trying to tell the world, but they are not getting it. In the scene above, she’s trying to tell some people in a playground and they don’t hear or see her. Then there’s a nuclear blast and everyone is blown away.

That is conviction in your beleifs – To stick with it to the end!  She could have just said ‘protect yourself’. But she saw the bigger picture.

As a business owner, entrepreneur or trend setter, you are faced with people who don’t see your dream. Well look to the end of the film, if it wasn’t for her determination, we would not be here.

The world has fought every advance, but now revels in the glory of the success. The list is endless: The motor car, Electricity, Cell phones, the internet………….


Ask yourself a question if you are faced with doubters.

“Will someone benefit from what I’m doing”? If the answer’s yes, then you have a responsibility to keep going!!!

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Ian Williams


NEXT STOP – London

Last month I posted that Simon Aboud came to Calgary. Every time he comes my business explodes!

He’s now coming to England on NOVEMBER, 18 2012 10:00am. He will share with you the excitement that I have. So I’m sending this out to everyone I know. Get there and see what the exitement is about! Imagine the idea of getting paid when someone turns on a light!!!!!!

Novotel London West,

One Shortlands,


W6 8DR London


I’d like you to go and see this once in a lifetime event as my guest.  Do not let this pass you by (as you did with the internet, cellphones).

If you want more information, my email address is:

Celebrating with Supermalt

Well this has been a great week. Last night I cracked open a bottle of Supermalt; toasting the team! well done everyone. Now that is not so impressive in itself, so let me break it down.

  1. Supermalt is my favourite drink
  2. I can not get it in Canada.
  3. I have a few bottles in te fridge next to the Champagne. I only open the Supermalt for special occasions.

So when as a team we helped people on the way to their dreams it’s congratulations to all.

I mentioned that every time Simon Aboud comes to Calgary my business explodes. Well he’s coming to London on the 18 th November.

GO and you’ll see why I’m celebrating!!!

ONE MORE THING!!! As if that wasn’t enough, he’s coming to London with one of the Co-founders of the company. Mr. Mike Cupisz.  

Thank you for reading this post.