What Did You Do With What You Had?

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Lived looking forward;

Enjoyed in the moment;

but understood looking back!

I wanted to ask  a couple of questions. The answers were for you alone, as it’s always up to you.

  1. In 2011 I went to the UK twice to help people see that there is more out there. What did you do?
  2. I posted a piece entitled ‘Back to the Future/. This was all about if you were given a key to things to come. What did you do with it?
  3. On September 16th I posted on Facebook that I was taking pre-orders of iPhone 5’s. What did you do with this information?

On September 21st Apple launched the iPhone 5 in the UK.

Did you answer – NOTHING to the three questions above?

What ever you are not happy with (money, health family etc), what have you done this month to change it? If you want to get fitter, but haven’t joined a Gym……… NOTHING WILL CHANGE.

If examined closely Nothing  (from your answers) will change if opportunity is placed in front of someone else.

Through our life we meet people who swear that Life is hard. That they had been dis-advantaged. These are the people who if they are being honest with themselves had missed opportunities that were placed before them.

Thank you for reading this post. I will continue to travel and help people change their own future.. If you do not hear from me when I’m there, it may because of the answers above.

Follow this blog or contact me through my website. The future is not set (only if you do not change today).

feel free to contact me from my website below.

Ian Williams



What did you do this weekend?

As I sit here typing this message I pose the question to myself as well as putting it out there.

This weekend I started taking pre-orders of iPhone 5’s in the UK!  For me it was a great weekend. It’s not often that an individual gets a chance to market Apple products BEFORE they hit the streets!!!!!

If you want to know more please visit my site: http://avars.acndirect.com

From there just follow these steps

  1. click on the UK flag at the bottom of the screen.
  2. Choose MOBILE PARTNERSHIPS. Remember my ID as you’ll be asked for it later.
  3. Click Pre-order now.

Choose your phone and that’s it! the phone will be shipped to your home as soon as they are released. NO need to camp out over night.

Have a great week and remember there are opportunities everywhere. If you want to know how to start your own business let me know.


The Code – Lead By Example

What values do you uphold?

We always hear people state what they want others to do. Anyone that knows me will tell you that I try to lead by example.

In 2011 I had the privilege of coaching a U18 football team (soccer for the Canadians). At the first training session, I set out my code of honour that I live by. I told the team (and the other coaches), This is what they will sign up to, if they were to play on the team. (Copy below) The outcome was that they out performed all their own expectations. I have no idea where the team finished at the end of the season. All I know is that if and when I see any of the team; (or the parents)we sHare a smile of triumph.

The season has to be one of the most fulfilling that I have been a part of. I live these values day in and day out.

The CODE that I posted was not lip service.  I walk my walk, do you?

I was listening to an inspirational speaker and that was a question he posed. Personally and professionally there are values that are your core values. When the stuff is flying around you, these are the things that will define a great leader.

By establishing the values we all knew:

  • What was expected.
  • What each person would do for the team.
  • What good behaviour looked like.

It was an amazing season! I’m not saying we won trophy after trophy. However what they’ll all agree is that they all grew individually and as a TEAM.

I live within the code and instill the concepts of it within those I meet. Share this with those around you and let me know how it works out.

Amigos Code of Honor

email: ianwilliams_mciob@hotmail.co.uk

What I Miss about Carnival!!!!!


I have always said that the thing I would miss most, (after family) when we left the UK was the London Carnival!!!!! For this reason I’m sending this post. I saw the clip below and loved the atmosphere. That got me thinking………. If I was on this party bus, who would I have on it with me? So I’m throwing this out to all that think they should be on the party bus with me. Comment and let me know!!!!! If there is anyone that you think should be partying on the bus with us then please let me and them know!

Norman Jay’s Good Time Road Show at it’s best. If you don’t know get to know!!! The clip is great!!!!!!!!!!!


To Clazzy J and Uncle Trevor – RIP