Only In Calgary!!! – $500 to have someone crash into me!!!!!!

Ok,  in keeping with the code of the blog I’m sending this out to ensure nobody else gets charged for having someone crash into them. Yes you read it correctly, I was charged $500 to repair my car after someone crashed into ME.

Let me paint the scene

I’m in a parking lot. I back out of a space. I see a car backing up towards me. I blow my horn….. nothing. I do it again and then brace for impact (Like Star Trek).

The guy get’s out of the car and I think he can’t say it. But sure enough here it comes:

Numpty – ” says Sorry I didn’t see you”

Ian – (Blood pressure still calm) I tell him “Tyrone, when you back up, things come at you from behind!”

Numpty – Tyrone?

Ian – Never mind son. You had your stereo on didn’t you?

Numpty – How did you know?


We exchange details. As nobody is hurt we leave it at that and go on our way.

Present situation

The loss adjuster had settled the claim 50-50. When I asked why, he informed me that because there were no witnesses and the police were not called. Therefore its my word against his! Hence 50-50 (stick with me ).

The garage call me and tell me that my car is ready  (happy days right? no) but there’s a $500 deductible  (excess, for the Brits).for the repair.

I call the loss adjuster and check this conversation:

Ian – wait a minute, how come I have a $500 charge?

Adjuster – Well we settled the claim 50-50 so that’s half your deductible (excess ).

We had spoken earlier in the saga so I could use the terms that a Brit would understand.

Adjuster – They are saying that you backed into him.

Ian – Wow could I do that? I sent you the photo of the impact damage (not scratches so my car was stationary) of my vehicle. Last time I checked my car doesn’t go sideways!

Adjuster – Well there were no witness’ and the police were not called.

PING (penny drops) – Now I see why, when there is a minor collision the people hold up traffic until the police get there!

Ian – Let’s just say that the two of us were backing up, say. At what point did the numpty realize that there was something in the way. The bumper? NO; The back wheel? NO. The rear passenger window? NO. THE DRIVERS DOOR? YES! ding ding ding Winner!!!********!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So the moral of this situation is that not all people follow my code of honour.

Not all adjusters think logically.

If you get into an accident – WAIT FOR Columbo! (The police – For the younger people)!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Let’s face it, not all sense is common!

Please pass on this link to everyone you know, so that they don’t have the same experience.

See ya

Mr. Angry of Purley (for the Brits), now in Calgary.


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