Only In Calgary!!! – $500 to have someone crash into me!!!!!!

Ok,  in keeping with the code of the blog I’m sending this out to ensure nobody else gets charged for having someone crash into them. Yes you read it correctly, I was charged $500 to repair my car after someone crashed into ME.

Let me paint the scene

I’m in a parking lot. I back out of a space. I see a car backing up towards me. I blow my horn….. nothing. I do it again and then brace for impact (Like Star Trek).

The guy get’s out of the car and I think he can’t say it. But sure enough here it comes:

Numpty – ” says Sorry I didn’t see you”

Ian – (Blood pressure still calm) I tell him “Tyrone, when you back up, things come at you from behind!”

Numpty – Tyrone?

Ian – Never mind son. You had your stereo on didn’t you?

Numpty – How did you know?


We exchange details. As nobody is hurt we leave it at that and go on our way.

Present situation

The loss adjuster had settled the claim 50-50. When I asked why, he informed me that because there were no witnesses and the police were not called. Therefore its my word against his! Hence 50-50 (stick with me ).

The garage call me and tell me that my car is ready  (happy days right? no) but there’s a $500 deductible  (excess, for the Brits).for the repair.

I call the loss adjuster and check this conversation:

Ian – wait a minute, how come I have a $500 charge?

Adjuster – Well we settled the claim 50-50 so that’s half your deductible (excess ).

We had spoken earlier in the saga so I could use the terms that a Brit would understand.

Adjuster – They are saying that you backed into him.

Ian – Wow could I do that? I sent you the photo of the impact damage (not scratches so my car was stationary) of my vehicle. Last time I checked my car doesn’t go sideways!

Adjuster – Well there were no witness’ and the police were not called.

PING (penny drops) – Now I see why, when there is a minor collision the people hold up traffic until the police get there!

Ian – Let’s just say that the two of us were backing up, say. At what point did the numpty realize that there was something in the way. The bumper? NO; The back wheel? NO. The rear passenger window? NO. THE DRIVERS DOOR? YES! ding ding ding Winner!!!********!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So the moral of this situation is that not all people follow my code of honour.

Not all adjusters think logically.

If you get into an accident – WAIT FOR Columbo! (The police – For the younger people)!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Let’s face it, not all sense is common!

Please pass on this link to everyone you know, so that they don’t have the same experience.

See ya

Mr. Angry of Purley (for the Brits), now in Calgary.

MOMOTD – The One Sided Affair

Hey Sports Fans,

Setting the scene, we have just watched the start of the opening ceremony and are excited to watch the Olympics in our home town.

The boys have not been having a good season. The last game was a 4-0 LOSS. Hence I didn’t write about it. The highlight of the match (for us) was that our keeper nearly scored!!!

Now for this game. The opposition only had EIGHT players, including the keeper. Therefore it was a very un-fair match up. That said, Rhys (for some reason known only to the coach and the man upstairs) is playing left back!  We had a host of subs, and a call up in his position!  I didn’t get it either. At the end of the first half, it was all square at 0-0! If I was the other coach I would have danced a jig!!! Those of you that know me know that I would have as well.

Second half.

The stamina of the  opposition came to be a big factor and the goals finally started. First a penalty and then a brace of goals. I won’t write about them because as I said it was not a fair match up. Teh opposition’s goal keeper had a great game and kept the score respectable.

Final score 7-0.

He’s now at training the following day (45mins early) working on his game! Back to basics.

See you later sports fans,

Let’s hope that the next game brings out the best in him.

As always, if I’ve forgotten anyone please pass this on.

See ya,


You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know

I decided to record a video for those who want to grab hold of their situation and mak a stand to change it for the better. If that is you then welcome. 

That said you don’t know what you don’t know, right? for this reason I posted this video.

I have decided to password protect this video as this is for people that are looking to change their situation. If that’s you then drop me a line and I’ll send you the password.



Thank you, as always for taking the time to read this blog.



MOMOTD – Video Highlights

Number 24 Rhys Williams

Rhys Williams

Hi Sports Fans,

As I mentioned we’re on the move. Like the Arsenal, we needed a bigger venue to keep in contact with everyone. Below are the links to the videos that I have posted on Youtube of Rhys.

The theory is quite simple

Option 1

a)      Try and find a scout.

b)      Try and get him/her to the game.

c)      Hope the team play well.

d)      Hope he stands out!

Option 2

a)      Video the game.

b)     Send the links to all the Universities.

c)     Let the Coaches watch it in the comfort of their office.

I don’t know about you, I’d rather option 2. In this world you need to work smarter. If it were about working harder all parents would be rich!!!

For all these and future updates just type MOMOTD and they’ll come up.

We’d love your feed back as we continue with the drive to get Rhys scouted. As always, if you know someone who I have forgotten, please pass on the link.

See ya,

Ian Williams

Royal National Hotel – Saturday july 21st! 10:00am

I wish I was in London right now!!!!! This Saturday, all roads lead to the Royal National Hotel!!!! You will see and meet other entrepreneurs like you. The only difference is, they have taken hold of an opportunity and are changing their situation.

Don’t just sit there, life is passing you by!

Email me if you need further information. What else are you meant to be doing on Saturday morning – Watching Scooby-Doo?

I attended the event at Christmas…What an amazing life changing event for anyone who’s sick and tired of being sich and tired!!!!!!!

Email me if you need further information:

See ya,


Redundancy – Come Out On Top


 From the Employee

This is a word that can strike fear in the hearts of millions of people. Then again there are many that are living in fear of this on a daily basis. There are however a number of straightforward things that you can do to reduce the stress that this word can bring.

  1. Remember that at all times your career is in your hands.
    • If something is not what       you would like – Change it!
  2. Always have your CV (Resume) up to date.
    • Far too often people take       courses and then fail to update them on their records. You should always       be prepared for all opportunities.
  3. Keep up on current events.
    • How do you know that you       are receiving the ‘going rate’ if you don’t know what is being offered.
    • Do you have the       qualifications for the increased salaries, if you wanted to apply for       them?
  4. Always have a plan B.
    • I’m not saying that you       should jump ship at the first sign of trouble. What I am saying is that       you should always be prepared, just in case the worst happens.
  5. Don’t get too comfortable.
    • Complacency is a thing       that will cause you to be ‘blind sided’. I called to speak to a friend in       theUK.       Only to find that he had been made redundant. After 28yrs, he was laid       off. I bet he thought; like a lot of others that he had a job that will       last him until he retires.

I hope the above gives some insight in to the things you should be doing, as preparation, if the worst happens.

From the Employer

They need to move quickly reacting to the market conditions. The need to:

  1. Re-structure to keep competitive. They know that if they don’t      get it right they could loose the company
  2. Portray an air that all is well. This will avoid them loosing      their best people to the competition.
  3. Write to the staff using commonly used terms – Down Sizing,      Re-Structuring, Streamlining (tactfully).
  4. Interview the staff to retain their jobs!  How distressing, having to go in to a      meeting and explain why you shouldn’t be laid off!
  5. Make the decisions that nobody wants. If you’re a small      company, you will know the people personally. If it’s a nation wide      business, then you’re simply a number and therefore the entire cost centre      may well go!



I have been on both sides of the equation and I would not wish it on anyone. I thought I would write it out for those that have never been in the situation. Why should you have to find out the hard way.

I’d be glad to hear your feedback on this or other posts.