Impact Others

This is bigger than the Internet



Stick with me. What have you done to impact the lives of millions? Now that may be a huge question. I work with people that are doing just that.  Now let me enlighten you as to how.

When you call your utility provider, tell them that you would like to negotiate a better rate/ bill. If they don’t laugh at you it’s because there is competition in the market place, agreed? If they control the market, they control the price and you are forced to pay it.

They may say something like ‘you are a loyal customer’. Or that you qualify for a special promotion’.  The truth is that there is competition, thus giving you the power. It is with the company that this gentleman founded, that has allowed you, to be able to have the power you take as ‘normal’.


It is for this reason I am proud to stand with him. To give options to the public.  If you want to stand with us and give others options, message me. It dosEn”t matter where you are?

The reason I stated that this is bigger than the internet, is this. With the internet ( the service not the information), a few people made a lot of money. With the deregulation of energy……… EVERYBODY CAN MAKE MONEY!

As always, I didn’t post this so it could sit on a server somewhere. If some part of it touched you, please pass it on. If it didn’t, please let me know.


My 50th Goal

Ask if you want to know more

It’s been a little while, and there has been a lot going on.

If you are reading this, I call you a friend.

My 50th Birthday is fast approaching. Wow, remember when 25 was old? No I don’t want the bumps!

So the thing is this “What will I do to mark this milestone? So I have decided that I know what I want for my birthday. With the help of my team, I want to help 1,000 people. That is the goal that I have set. I don’t want cards or gifts. It will not cost you anything to help.  We will help reduce the bills of 1,000 people between now and September 9th, 2016.



If you want to help, message me. It will not cost you to help. There may be savings for you. That said no matter how small. It may seem like pennies to you, but to a child here and me, it will be amazing when we can all say that we did it!!!!!!!

This will live on long after this message has faded from your memory. Don’t wish me ‘luck’. That’s for the other guy! Hard work and preparation should be your advantage!!!

email me:  and I’ll let you know how you can help me hit my birthday goal!



As always, I didn’t post this t sit on a server somewhere. If some part of it resonates with you please pass it on.

Your Outlook Determines Your Outcome!

Picture the scene, it’s Monday Morning (-15C), and I’m off to work. I open the door and this is the scene that greets me!


07:00am Monday Morning

In life, there are few things that direct your OUTCOME, like your OUTLOOK. Take a look at the two photos. What is the first thing you would have thought? Remember it’s -15 (without the wind chill), when you see six inches of snow on your car? Well this what in fact what I saw. I opened my door 07:00am on a Monday morning. So, I ask again what do you see?

Scroll down!

Personally it made me smile! I see opportunity!!! I’m going skiing!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is this outlook that resulted in the outcome of me going skiing with my daughter a couple of days later. The smaller skis on the right are hers.



Feet up – Calgary winter style

I have the pleasure of teaching her how to ski! It is a memory that I will never forget. Seeing her conquer her fears and make the most of every day? What more can a father wish for?

So what lessons have we learned from this post?

Don’t focus on the problem! Look for the blessings (and opportunities)!!!

As always, I didn’t post this to its in a server somewhere. If some part of it resonates with you; take it and empower someone to do great things!!!

Be Kind To Strangers, Lest They Be Angels In Disguise

Have you ever met a person, and your families automatically click? Well that happened to us almost seven years ago. We moved to a new country and met a family who we all think are very special.

This weekend we experienced a wonderful event. One of the nieces of this family was married to a lovely young man. The bride looked lovely. The wedding was magical. But that wasn’t it. . . . . . When the family stops the photographer and stresses that you and your wife have to be in the family photo! That is lovely.

I hope they read this message as they begin their journey together. There MC made a statement that I would like to share “May your saddest days ahead be only as sad as the happiest memories of your past”.

Thank you to the Dekort and Smallwood family union.

So when you meet someone new, remember – Be kind to strangers; lest they be angels in disguise!

Is your Vision in sight? It needs to be.

With this post, ask yourself, What is your goal? This is a very important question, as you need to really know what it is you want.

If the above seems hard to grasp, look to your own day. Is there not a picture of your family on your desk or on your cell phone? The image is doing the same as I am stating.

There will be people and things that could knock you off track. As you are on your journey, you need to have this image ‘front and centre’ in your minds eye’.

Now as an Entrepreneur, you are surrounded by those who may not see your vision. As a result of their shortsightedness, they try and knock your resolve. So what do I do in such circumstances?

It is for this reason that I try to be ‘the best part of someone’s day’. But wait, I don’t do it to help others. When they let me help them, they are actually helping me. In that brief moment, it reinforces in me that I am a good person and that I am moving towards my goal. It energizes and reminds me that the goal is worth the negative opinions around me.

So as you are on your way, ‘swimming through an ocean of rejection’, make sure your goal is strong and in sight!!!

If you decide to set a goal. Picture it.

Really picture it. If you can see it, you can achieve it!

As always, I didn’t write this post to sit on a server somewhere. If anything in the post connects with you please pass it on.

I now try to help as many people as I can achieve their dreams. I don’t know all the answers; but I’ll help you look!

Your Goal and Your Timing……… Are both right?


So, here we are again. You are in pursuit of the thing you hold most dear. You think you have done everything right.

Written your goal——————————-CHECK

Set your deadline——————————CHECK

Asked for help (devine guidance) ———CHECK

Worked your plan——————————CHECK.

However despite the above, you don’t achieve the goal.


Is your goal wrong or is your clock in need of attention?

Think about the variables.


Work ethic.


If  your goal is important to you, RESET YOUR CLOCK AND GO AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!

Maybey your clock had stopped. change the battery and go again.

As always, I didn’t post this to sit on a server somewhere. If you agree with it, use/ forward it to empower someone